We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Consulting Company. We help small to medium sized businesses understand the government marketplace, bid and win government contracts… Our team shares over 47 years of experience in this industry. Gov Business NW., provides the right education, training, tools, market intelligence and coaching to make your success possible.

Our team of professionals has identified three general categories participating in the B2G market. Below we describe each group, you’ll recognize which group you belong to and where you stand in relation to government contracting for your business. Then you’ll see how Gov Business NW & GCA can offer customized services to become your one stop solution and B2G partner.


Our mission is to educate, facilitate and advocate for our members. We support you through our training resources, software tools, educational curriculum, certification services, marketing strategies, and facilitation of relationships. 


When you become a member of GCA, you'll have access to the benefits available to the type of membership you choose. We'll work with you to match you with the right resources to help you reach your organizational goals.  

Business Development Tools

Our training & coaching materials have either been developed in house from our teams experience or developed in partnership with the Government Contractors Association and have made our clients success possible. Gov Business NW utilizes Advanced Market Intelligence & Research to ensure our clients maintain a competitive advantage when ever possible. ( Bid-Match Platform - Market Intelligence )

Our consultants have the ability to utilize multiple proven recourses & tools to help our clients succeed on a variety of levels.

We have established (3) major catagories best suited to assist our clients.


Meet your Gov Business NW Coaching Specialist
Kenn Rivers Government Contract Business Coach

Kenn Rivers

CEO & Co-Founder

Kenn is an Army Veteran with a degree in Business Management. He is a Certified Professional in Business Intelligence & Agile Contract Management., 

Dan Moffett Government Contracting Coach

Dan Moffett

Proposal Management

Dan is an Army Veteran, effective leader and advisor for Proposal Management and is an effective strategist. He is also a certfied business negotiator and coach.

Marnie Tyson Government Contracting Coach

Tina Mitchell

COO Contract Specialist

Tina manages the Certification Process for Gov Business NW. She is an accomplished & seasoned contract management specialist with previous experience with PTAC.

Wayne Wertz Government Contracting Coach

Wayne Wertz

Gov Directory Specialist

Wayne is a business owner and contracting coach with PTAC experience. He is also the architect behind the new Government Contractors Directory.

TaNeashia Sudds Government Contracting Coach

TaNeashia Sudds

Grant Specialist

TaNeashia is a skilled Non-Profit and For-Profit Grant Specialist with project management experience, As a business owner she has excelled in strategic grant proposals.

We Have Something To Be Proud Of!

By Orion Mitchell posted July 20, 2018
"Numbers to Remember"


Having served 10,000+ clients, our knowledge and experience makes us a great choice when it comes to your government contracting needs.


Happy Clients

Given our number of clients, 100% may be impossible but we strive for this goal and we are proud of our 94%  track record with our members.



With over 24 business solutions we are confident we have what you need to grow your government contracting business and compete in the government marketplace.


Membership Opportunities

Over $900+ million in government contracts have been won by GCA members in just the last few years. Become a member today and learn from experienced business coaches.


Contact our team to see how we can help your business grow in the Government Contracting Marketplace.

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