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Gov Business NW in partnership with Government Contractors Association are providing a powerful customized Coaching Program to help your company fast track into the government market. A contracting business coach will work with your team on a weekly basis to help you win government contracts. The coaching program comes with the Government Fast Track Software.

What is the Coaching Program?

The coaching program is a TEACHING, MENTORING & ACCOUNTABILITY Program that will expedite your progress through the government contracting maze. A contracting business coach will work with you on a weekly basis to guide you through the process. 

Just Like in Military Precision - CRAWL, WALK Then RUN!

Training on concepts, techniques, strategies and learning the "Governese" language

Comprehensive approach, not just about chasing after contracts  

Building your contracting department (team) 

Assessment of your government contract readiness 

Strategy development 

Opportunity sourcing: finding forecasts, historical data, current opportunities 

Relationship and marketing guidance 

Proposal writing techniques and proposal guidance through the process 

Project management guidance 

Contract management and close up 

Plus..... a whole lot more

Visit our Procurment Blog for the latest! 

Government Contracting

If you think about Government Contracting is like an Iceberg, what you see above the surface are the billions of $$ dollars being spent on contracts annually. The water surface represents the various platforms, products and services available to support business owners with contract awards..

Its below the water line that counts!  Sifting through regulations, certifications, marketing your business and addressing proposals is where Gov Business NW and our associates can bring clarity and help you navigate through the Government Marketplace. We help EDUCATE - FACILITATE - & ADVOCATE for small businesses with a focus on "Keeping Local Dollars Local" through our experience, proven tools, techniques and strategic partnerships available to help your business succeed in the Government Market.

What will I receive when I enroll into the Coaching Program?
Step-by-step training 
12 months of one-on-one coaching
Weekly training sessions (web or in class sessions)
Accountability for completion of all tasks as assigned by the coach
Customized online project management tool

Earn CPFC Certification (Certified Professional Federal Contractor)

Membership / Coaching

Your membership awaits you. Click on the appropriate membership type for your business. We assembled lots of awesome resources to help your company access contracting opportunities.

Gov Training Vault

Access 200+ Hours of Government Contracting Training Videos Gain substantial knowledge in the next few months. Get an edge on the competition and increase your company's revenue. 

Proprietary Software

Gov FastTrack software. We've invested over 10,000 hours of research and development to put together a software program that includes virtually everything you could imagine. This will both educate and reduce the time to bid.

Mobilization Funds

 We have been helping businesses that win government contracts get the capital needed to mobilize and perform. Short term lending that keeps you moving forward on your government contract.
The Contract is YOUR Colateral!

Government Contractors Bootcamp


Gov Business NW & GCA ready to show you how to reach the next level for your business.


Connect with one of our Business Coaches who can help you understand the process needed to win government contracts, conduct a progressive business assessment, guidance on marketing to the government, capability statements, review proposals and more...