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All of our services are designed to help companies compete for and win commercial and government contracts. We guide you through the process and identify opportunities available for your company. We have a successful an established formula which is winning contracts for our members. P+P+P+P=Profit, is a proven strategy for your business presented in a Crawl, Walk and Run format. Our proven format will walk you the the process and help you reduce the time it takes to compete for government contracts. We offer several solutions are most common options are below.

Our Approach

There aren't two businesses exactly the same, so why would our approach be the same for your business... Every company is unique and we deliver custom solutions tailored to your specific needs, challenges, objectives, industry and government market needs. Once we understand more about your business, we provide you with next steps and a roadmap to help you get started. For more seasoned companies- we work with you to set objectives, identify the appropriate path to growth, develop a strategy and implement a plan to address goverment opportunities.

Getting Started Options

Let our team of contract specialists guide you through the process

Success or Failure let our team help guide you through the government contracting process

OPTION (1) Self-paced Approach 

Hands Off Approach – This approach requires self-discipline. We provide the right education, tools and industry information to help you lay the foundation and show you how to market your business to the government. We support your efforts with the following – you can also contact a success coach for the latest updates on products & services offered through this approach….

a. Free and for purchase eBooks
b. Do It Yourself Kits*
c. Self-paced training modules*
d. 250 hours of training videos*
e. Proprietary step by step software solution*
f. Government contracting meetup group training
g. Pay as you go support
h. Resource Center Information
i. Free monthly networking & training event
• *Additional fee may be required 

Make a selection below!

JOIN Local Meetup Group – Networking & Free training various subjects
FREE eBooks | Quick Start Kit | Self-paced | Video Training | GovFast Track | Proposal Software | GovMarketing

OPTION (2) Member Benefits

Association Membership Benefits – Hands-on Guidance & Help – BEST VALUE – As a member of the association we take more of a hands on approach to help guide your through the government marketplace. We help you understand and lay the foundation for your company, show you how to affectively market your business to the government and where to find the optimal opportunities for your business and more. INCLUDED in Your membership:

a. Option (1) support included, many offers are free or included for members 
b. Exclusive 300+ hours of training videos
c. Member Only Discounts to products, services & events
d. Identify a roadmap and path for your business
e. Receive an in-depth Report on your Industry - $139 value
f. Access to instructional Webinars & online training sessions
g. Nationwide Bid-Match Platform – Receive notifications on contracts daily
h. “Office Hours” connect with a Subject Matter Expert to ask questions weekly
i. 20 Point Contract Readiness Assessment
j. Develop a government marketing strategy
k. Guidance on establishing proper registrations & certifications
l. Monthly Association meetings to learn how to crawl, walk & run in the market
m. Guidance on subcontracting process and strategies
n. Member resources & More……

“Our association has shown & helped members win over $900 million dollars in contracts”

Join the Association Monthly | Small Business Annual (Best Value) | Testimonials | GovMarketing

OPTION (3) Exclusive Program for Established & Seasoned Businesses or those who qualify and want to accelerate the process.


GovAccelerator Program – This is a dedicated HANDS ON Approach - Step by Step process with a success Coaching & Mentor designed to reduce the amount of time it will take your business to prepare and win government contracts. This is a unique program for members which includes access to all the association membership products & services, a personal coach and mentor to guide and walk you step-by-step through every step needed to be successful.

This program is designed to guide you through the entire government contracting process. The objective is to secure a contract while in the accelerator program using our GCA formula P+P+P+P=Profit
Success coach will work with your company to help you establish the following:

a. Accountability – coaches work closely with you each step of the way
b. Develop a Promotional & Marketing Strategy
c. Relationship Building with Subcontractors & Prime Contractors
d. Capture Management – locating contract opportunities for your business
e. Proposal Management – A team will help prepare proposals for your business  
f. GovFast Track Software – Included - Proprietary software tools members have used to win contracts. GFT covers nearly every step needed to win contracts.  

Contact our office for the start of the next Cohort Accelerator Program

*2019 & 2020 business application dates will be available shortly. For more information, call 425-616-0695 - SEATING IS LIMITED ONLY 20 Businesses Accepted per Accelerator Session. 


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As a member of Gov Business NW & Government Contractors Association, you have access to a number of great resources as part of your membership. Many companies are ready to take their business to the next level NOW and want to fast track their results. We can provide the strategy and support to help you reach your goals. 

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